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  Soybean Oil
  Soybean Meal
  KC Wheat
  Minn Wheat
  Live Cattle
  Feeder Cattle
  Live Hogs

  S&P 500
  E-Mini S&P 500
  NASDAQ 100
  E-Mini NASDAQ 100
  Dow Jones
  E-Mini Dow Jones
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  CAC40 Index
  FTSE 100
  Short Sterling
  Long Gilt
  STOXX 50
  Eurex Bund
  Robusta Coffee
  Orange Juice
  Crude Oil
  RBOB Gas
  Heating Oil
  Natural Gas
  Brent Crude
  IPE Gas Oil

Report Description

The Sector Report is presented as a customer designed report, selecting only the markets you want to review each day.  The report utilizes the human analysis of Mr. Helms from the Daily Technical Overview, VMA Range levels / computer points from the DayTrader and PTS analysis from the Priority Report, combined together to provide a embracing, yet concise review of selected markets.  The initial subscription provides a block of 12 markets (3 markets per page) with add on potential for an extra charge.  The Sector Report is also published in pre-structured reports featuring a specific market area such as Energies, Grains, or Metals.

• The Sector Report gives you the ability to select the markets in the report and change them for any given day with email notice to GRI before 4:00 pm for the next business day.

• The initial subscription is set at 12 markets (4 pages with 3 markets per page.) Additional pages can be added.

• Due to graphic content, the Sector Report is delivered by email only.

• We can put the name of your firm in the title of the report, enhancing the use of the report for promotions with customers.

• The Sector Report is offered in preset editions focusing on different market groups, like Grains, Metals, Energies.

• The Sector Report features expanded PTS signals from the Priority Report. Often the PTS will find 4-6 indicators on a given day and the Sector Report allows you to review a larger listing of signals found by the computer. (A full listing of PTS indicator signals is available using the Global Trader reports.)

• The Sector Report will be published each evening around 6:00 pm CST.

• Commentary from the Overview report covers only the main / lead contract. Back month contracts that can be included within the Sector Report will have computer commentary.

• Subscribers need to decide the length of their subscription, month by month, 6 months, or annual. Payment can be made by Check, Wire Transfer, or with a credit card through the Google Checkout or PayPal procedure which provides a platform for processing payment and acts as a security go between GRI and you. Subscriptions setup through Google or PayPal do not create a recurring subscription. You will be invoiced for to re-subscription through Google or PayPal based on the subscription length you select. The subscription can be canceled at any time. Please note that we do not take credit card information directly over the phone. We ask that you use the Google or PayPal payment process for your protection and ours.

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