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Report Description

The GRI OVERNIGHT TRADE SHEET (or “OTS”) is an “overnight day trading” system based on GRI’s exclusive P3d near term pattern tracker. The OTS searches a population of over 6 million distinct patterns daily for each market. Matching patterns are weighted, sorted, “pruned” for statistical reliability, and finally blended to produce a unique set of performance parameters and expectations for that specific market for the following day.

• The Overnight Trade Sheet (OTS) is published each evening around 5:30 pm CST by email only.

• The OTS trade signals are designed for the period beginning with each market’s overnight session. OTS frequently looks for possible entry on or near the opening of evening sessions. Our experience has shown that significant portion of many of these trades have already been completed before the US day session begins.

• Some markets may have already opened their evening session by the time the OTS is published. We try to get it out as quickly as possible, but sometimes we may not have the ability to produce a completely timely publication.

• The OTS is designed to capture a statistical edge created by specific 3-day market patterns. When signals are given for a specific market move, OTS isolates high probability trade situations, giving a trader the edge for a 24-hour period. The pattern development is such that limited risk can surround a position entry and provide high reward to risk opportunities.

• The method for isolating pattern-based signals by the OTS make this tracking sheet ideal for traders who wish to only follow a select number of markets. However, we have found that despite a good correlation of performance to signals given with individual markets, the better performance is derived by spreading out trade across the full spectrum of markets published on the OTS.

• Once a month, the simulated results of the OTS will be posted on the website.

• OTS signals work best in higher volume markets to enable appropriate risk points. Although, OTS signals are tracked for every market in our database, we limit recommendations to actively traded contracts.

• Subscribers need to decide the length of their subscription, month by month, 6 months, or annual. Payment can be made by Check, Wire Transfer, or with a credit card through the Google Checkout or PayPal procedure which provides a platform for processing payment and acts as a security go between GRI and you. Subscriptions setup through Google or PayPal do not create a recurring subscription. You will be invoiced for re-subscription using Google or PayPal based on the subscription length you select. The subscription can be canceled at any time. Please note that we do not take credit card information directly over the phone. We ask that you use the Google or PayPal payment process for your protection and ours.

The OTS is a simulation tracking system with predetermined signals. Market conditions may require you to consider the merits of any given trade. We do not take any responsibility for how any individual trader acts upon information within the OTS.

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