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Report Description

The Global Trader is a daily publication and our feature report, providing detailed information for active traders on a specific market.  Information pulled from the Overview, DayTrader as well as additional statistical indicators, provide a quick reference of overlapping daily technical points. The computer studies of Global Trader were originally designed to be a near-term risk management tool, a serious attempt to systematically limit the size of losses in trading, by establishing a reference of technical points which identify likely areas the market should or should not trade on a near-term basis. Once these areas have been defined, one is able to trade with higher probability risk parameters that can be used both offensively and defensively. The report encapsulates these expected activity zones on the price line display, using both popular and the proprietary VMA methods and clarifies levels with comments from one of our technical advisers.

• The left column of the Global Trader letter is a price line, divided into equal price increments, centered around the previous day’s settlement. Along this price line are letters representing the locations of technical points in widespread use by trading systems and methods that have had a real impact on trade in many markets. Multiple technical points will converge in a given area, giving this area greater technical validity than any individual point.
• The VMA “ * ” levels define the range above or below the previous settlement which the computer considers the most significant support or resistance for the next day.
• Letter Identification
P = Previous High/Low
F = Fibonacci Points
A = 10 Day Avg. Moves
S = Swing/Scalper Points
M = Moving Avg.
V or * = VMA Points
• Global Trader has available a morning update for by our analyst to highlight overnight trading action / changes in the S&P, Gold, Silver, and Energy markets.
• A subscription to Global Trader includes associated back months for each market and the corresponding Weekly DayTrader.
• The Global Trader is delivered only by email.
• The Global Trader incorporates trade bias signals from our P3d 3-Day Micro Pattern, GRI’s proprietary tracking system.
• Subscribers need to decide the length of their subscription, month by month, 6 months, or annual. The six month and annual subscription provide a discount on price as does taking multiple contracts. Payment can be made by Check, Wire Transfer, or with a credit card through the Google Checkout or PayPal procedure which provides a platform for processing payment and acts as a security go between GRI and you. Subscriptions setup through Google or PayPal do not create a recurring subscription. We will invoice you for re-subscription payment based on the length of the subscription you select. The subscription can be canceled at any time. Please note that we do not take credit card information directly over the phone. We ask that you use the Google or PayPal payment process for your protection and ours.